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Maganda Filipina Beauty Contest at ABC Hotel Angeles City Philippines

24 sexy Woman compeat for the top 5 spot on round 2 of Maganda Filipina. You can vote @ FINALS March 12 2009 at ABC Hotel buy your tickets now 500m/250f\r
neogeo79 : From memory Kassandra was number 8 online she was my ex, my current GF was the online WINNER! (nikki) and I have a baby with number 3rd online winner (Marly). OMG!!! now that I think about it! Im a lucky bastard LOL!. FYI CINDY/KASSANDRA is married to a rich german guy they have 2 kids. Marly and I still talk because of our baby. Nikki and I are most likely getting married. SMALL WORLD.
neogeo79 : OMG I know Cindy! well its actually Kassandra. She got pregnant with me... Damn MEMORIES! Dont care if no one believes me. I got the pictures together to prove it.

ABC Hotel Promo Maganda Filipina March 12th

ABC Hotel Promo Maganda Filipina March 12th beautiful girls pics.\r

ABC Hotel Angeles City

Angelesbeachclubhotel - Millenium Option - Junior Suite




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